“satan is trying to sift me like wheat”

I am in need of prayer because satan is trying to sift me like wheat.  Please, pray for me because of my personal struggle with depression.  satan wants me to keep quiet and embarrassed to let others know, but God has spoken to my heart to seek others for prayer about this.  God is helping me and I know that He hears the prayers of the saints who are in His will.  I will pray to and I know that I have an intercessor who prays for me to because I don’t know what I ought to pray for at times.  Right now God is warning me to be on the alert because satan is trying to sift me like wheat.  Please, saints be in prayer for me as I struggle with this depression.  Thank you God because you are faithful to lift me up out of the pit, in Jesus name, Amen!

14 thoughts on ““satan is trying to sift me like wheat”

  1. Hi Julia, I suffered from depression and God healed me. Contact me through my contact page. I’d like to share with you what the Lord used and how I have kept my healing. Also my pastor was delivered from depression and sometimes what we feel is depression is actually oppression from the enemy.

    Father, You are Julia’s Refuge and High Tower and her Stronghold in times of trouble. She leans on and confidently puts her trust in You, for You have not forsaken her. She seeks You on the authority of Your Word and the right of her necessity. She praises you, the Help of her countenance and her God.

    Lord, You lift up those who are bowed down. Therefore, she is strong and her heart takes courage. She establishes herself on righteousness—right standing in conformity with Your will and order. She is far even from the thought of oppression or destruction, for she fears not. She is far from terror, for it shall not come near her.

    Father, You have thoughts and plans for her welfare and peace. Her mind is stayed on You, for she stopped allowing herself to be agitated and disturbed and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.

    In the name of Jesus her mind is loosed from wrong thought patterns. She tears down strongholds that have protected bad perceptions about herself. She submits to You, Father, and resists fear, discouragement, self-pity, and depression. She will not give place to the devil by harboring resentment and holding any anger. She surrounds herself with songs and shouts of deliverance from depression, and she will continue to be an over comer by the word of her testimony and the blood of the Lamb.

    Father, Julia thanks You that she has been given a spirit of power and of love and of a calm and well-balanced mind. She has discipline and self-control. She has the mind of Christ and holds the thoughts, feelings, and purposes of His heart. She has a fresh mental and spiritual attitude, for she is constantly renewed in the spirit of her mind with Your Word, Father.

    Therefore, she braces up and reinvigorates and cuts through and makes firm and straight paths for her feet—safe and upright and happy paths that go in the right direction. She arises from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept her. She rises to new life; she shines and is radiant with the glory of the Lord.

    Thank You, Father, in Jesus’ name that she is set free from every evil work. She praises You that the joy of the Lord is her strength and stronghold!

    Hallelujah! Amen.

  2. Hey precious daughter,we just said a prayer for you.Sorry you are struggling so with depresssion.Prolonged bleeding can lead to depression.I hope you will be able to get to the doctor soon about your female problem.PEACE AND LOVE IN JESUS CHRIST OUR PRECIOUS LORD AND SAVIOR,love,mom

  3. Hey Julia, I understand this journey well and the importance of timely information so I thought I’d just go ahead and share what the Lord used for me. Feel free to reply with any questions on the post:

    1. Transformed Godly perspective- God didn’t make me “stronger” or “tougher” but healed all the doors the enemy used to make me feel hopeless. I didn’t have to “shake off anything”(some will say toughen up and shake it off and that’s life). So I”m still very sensitive and vulnerable which God uses for certain gifts of understanding other people and for intercessory prayer and for community service in a way that I couldn’t do if I still wasn’t sensitive. So I didn’t get stronger but I now rely on the One who is strong and see that he intentionally made me to be easily hurt but I don’t have to end up being hurt. This only makes sense with Holy Spirit.So there are gifts and purpose for how God made you:
    [Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.(John 9:1-3, NKJV)]
    2. Christian counseling – A praying and believing counselor that addresses therapy with the expectation of healing is very helpful. Ideally this counselor points to a Christian worldview during therapy
    3. Christian books – Hurt People, Hurt People by Sandra Wilson and Hinds Feet High places by Hannah Hurnard
    4. Gifted Ministries – Joyce Meyer is a seasoned and gifted person with a ton of tools for emotional and mental healing. Her testimony is powerful you can find it on Youtube, her daily podcast is awesome, her devotional and books are awesome especially Battlefield of the Mind
    5. Exercise – Just a walk will elevate our moods and will help us to sleep
    6. Diet – More fruits and vegetables was a tremendous help
    7. Prayer and Worship- this is amazing
    8. Christian support groups – A really great group that is Christian based led by an overcomer where honest discussion and support occurs is extremely helpful.

    I pray your strength in the Lord today.


  4. 1.Depression is a spirit that acts like a parasite.
    2.”depressing thoughts” are dark whispers from spirits that attack our minds…quote a scripture verse as a sword and command it to leave (either silently or out loud) be tenacious every time (I’ve been doing this on and off for forty+years) Control your thought life!
    3.Love yourself- you are God’s beautiful creation as a woman, any past sins are forgiven and forgotten by the Lord who made us, forgive yourself for any imperfections from day to day as we all are growing bit by bit in grace.
    4. As a Christian writer and brother I love your work in your blog and your efforts at being honest with people, I am not alone in this.
    5.Bbe close to family as well as Spirit sisters who love you, who can counsel you.

    In the Name of Jesus, stand strong and be steadfast in perseverance. Be free as we all are in the Holy Spirit. Our reality is Christ and not what our eyes always see, our ears always hear.

    • Thank you, Gary for your encouraging words. This is something that I do wrestle with at times. But God is faithful and I thank God for His love and through all of my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who have compassion and care.

  5. Julia,

    You will be in my prayers.

    I discovered your blog literally minutes ago, and the article you wrote on Unforgiveness was exactly what I needed to read right now. I, too, struggle with depression, and with feeling that Satan is trying to sift me like wheat, often through struggles with people who seem relentlessly delighted to do things to hurt me, while at the same time being unaware that they are actually causing me harm. I constantly walk on eggshells trying not to offend people who could crush me like a bug if they wanted to. The depression that follows is exhausting and sometimes debilitating. So, you will have a special place in my prayers to overcome your own depression.

    Could part of your depression be dietary? I know that when I eat a diet closer to the Garden of Eden than to prepared foods, my moods improve radically. I am starting to improve my diet, but change sometimes comes slowly.

    I just bought a book on-line called “Cleansing or Surgery” from a website with the same name that address a lot of health issues through affordable cleanses that anyone can do. The people who operate the website and distribute the book are Christians with a great heart for others. You might find some help there.

    Exercise sometimes helps, too. When I walk enough (and my dog is hinting now that a good walk would not hurt his feelings at all — but it will hurt my arms if there are too many rabbits and prairie dogs out to get his attention!), depression seems to leave more rapidly.

    Another thing that has helped me in the past, but that I don’t do nearly often enough, is to find a reason to praise God. It seems that even in the “worst” (our perception) of times, there is always a reason to praise God (usually several), one of which is that one doesn’t always feel this bad. It’s just a low-point for now. Praising God starts to lift me from that low point and starts changing my perspective. I pray that God will do the same for you.

    Finally, you might get some help from a lovely website called “The Father’s Blessing”. It teaches you how to speak God’s words over yourself and your situation. Before I discovered their teachings (and the wonderful teachings of Dr. Charles Capps, also on-line), I would often automatically speak disparagingly of my circumstances and of those who were making my life painful, instead of seeing them as people that God loved and created who might also be living in and acting out of pain. I am painfully starting to speak blessings, occasionally, over painful people and circumstances, and the improvements have been remarkable.

    I hope some of this helps.

    I can already tell from your writing that you have a great heart for God and that your desire is to serve God and bless people around you. You are already fulfilling God’s purpose for you in your writings. The thing to do now is probably to just keep up the good work you have begun, to continually adjust your trust back to God, and to keep persevering. Satan’s attacks won’t last forever. But God’s words, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” will last for all eternity, and will make all your current struggles ultimately worthwhile.

    Praying for you,


    Ephesians 3:20-21

      • Bless you for that, Julia! We will uphold each other in prayer! And someday when we have won our battles here, we will meet in heaven and dance with Jesus! That will be worth it all.

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