“Cast The First Stone” page 4

For what Justine intends for evil, God has planned for good and yet she is so blind to her own self, unable to see what is about to take place.  Little Angela will soon be saying this verse in Genesis 50: 20 Even though you planned evil against me, God planned good to come out of it. This was to keep many people alive, as he is doing now. This woman whose heart is pitch black isn’t known yet to Angela.  So far all she can see in Justine is a kind, warm, heart and she is not at all frightened.  After a funfilled day of new toys, ice skating with laughter, followed by a quiet moment of relaxation while drinking hot chocolate, it all seems surreal.  “Where will go on our next adventure?”, Angela thinks in her mind.  Full of trust again, she gets back into Justine’s car unknowingly that all the fun she shared with this lady is now going to be followed by fear, terror, and lonliness.  Justine is still polite to the sweet, trusting, little girl while driving to her to another state to sleep in a motel.  She isn’t sure of where to go and makes a random choice to drive to Tennessee.  Angela falls into a deep sleep and most people would automatically assume it’s from being so busy that it caused her to be tired.  But, her deep sleep is related only to a sinister woman who secretly put sleeping pills in Angela’s hot chocolate.  In fact, she put a few pills in her drink, mashed up, and stirred very well so the child wouldn’t notice nor wake up later when she’s carried into the motel room.  Finally, Justine sees a motel, pulls into the parking lot, and checks in.

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