“Cast The First Stone” page 2

Justine Oats is a very abusive mom to her daughter, Laura age 9 and due to outrageous abuse one day accidentally kills her own child.  Extremely desperate she kidnaps another little girl who resembles her deceased child, Laura and forces the new child, Angela to take on the identity of her deceased daughter to avoid getting caught and going to prison.  It is 10am on December 22, 1980 and 9 year old, Laura Oats has just been savagely beaten to death by her own mother, 29 year old Justine Oats in North Carolina.  For most of Laura’s life she has been abused physically and emotionally at the hands of her own mother.  During an intense rage, Justine accidentally kills her.  Laura was a sweet, beautiful, and vibrant little girl.  She had medium length, light brown hair, and hazel eyes that sparkled when she would look at you.  As her lifeless body lay there on her bed, Justine looks at her and without remorse notices severe bruises, lashes, and marks all over her child.  Her main concern now is that she will be arrested and convicted in her child’s death.  With a stone cold face she wraps her daughter’s body in a carpet and dumps it deep in the woods behind her house.  Even though it is daylight, it is easy for her to do this because neighbors are not close to eachother due to many acres of land that separates them.  Justine is so cunning and uncaring that she actually believes she can get away with this crime just like for many years she convinced with terror to her daughter not to tell anyone.  She was very good at hiding the abuse because Justine would put makeup on her daughter and dress in her clothing that would cover up the marks.  The very moment little Laura dies, her guardian angel, commanded by God comes to her and carries her to heaven to be with God the Father, God the Son which is Christ Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit.  Due to severe abuse and neglect, she is not emotionally or mentally capable of knowing or understanding the gospel of Jesus.  She is like a young toddler and God doesn’t hold her accountable, for such as those who are babies that die early enter into the Kingdom of heaven and are innocent with regard to their sin. 2 Samuel 12:22-23 David answered, “As long as the child was alive , I fasted and cried.  I thought, ‘Who knows?  The Lord may be gracious to me and let the child live.’  But why should I fast now that he’s dead?  Someday I’ll go to him, but he won’t come back to me.”  Luke 18: 15-16 Some people brought infants to Jesus to have him hold them.  When the disciples saw this, they told the people not to do that.  But Jesus called the infants to him and said, “Don’t stop the children from coming to me!  Children like these are part of the kingdom of God.”

6 thoughts on ““Cast The First Stone” page 2

  1. you have lots of passion wrapped up in this short blog. Would like to see more of Justine’s story unrival. Will she have a chance for redemption and will she take it? What happened to Justine to cause her to be so hateful and cold? why does she feel she needs another daughter to replace the one that she couldn’t originally care for?

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