“Cast The First Stone” page 3

Laura will not remember her pain nor will she experience it ever again.  In such a panic of confusion, Justine continues down the path of destruction from which her sinful ways affect more than just herself.  She masks her panic stricken state with a smile and tender voice as she lures 9 year old, Angela to the toy department and buys her some toys she likes.  Distracted with those toys, Angela without any thought in her naive, young mind walks side by side with a stranger and even gets into the car, trusting that she’s not in harm’s way.  Perhaps this sweet and innocent child thinks that this woman is a friend of her mom’s, even though it was never said.  Her view point of a kidnapper is a scary looking man with a gun.  Maybe that’s her initial perception of a kidnapper and since she willingly went with her, she doesn’t fear being taken.  Right now there isn’t any fear because it’s all fun and games with shared laughter between them both.  Her kidnapper has bought her toys and is now going to take her ice skating and share hot chocolate for an extra special treat.  Meanwhile, others look for Angela and right out in the open not one single person notices  because by all appearances in public, Angela and Justine are having fun with smiles.  People are looking for screams, fear, terror, and odd acting behavior and since Angela’s mom hasn’t made up flyers yet and is only able to show an old photo of her daughter that she keeps in her wallet, it isn’t as clear for others to see the missing child’s face to recognize her.  Right now her immediate search of her child is what’s on her mind and where it took place is her main concern at this stage of it all.  Justine uses this to her advantage to con the little girl into trusting her more by taking them out in the public eye to cause the child to believe that she will not get hurt or possibly taken away from her family.  This woman is so cunning, but God knows and Angela’s guardian angel is right beside her, too.

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