“Cast The First Stone” page 5

Carefully looking around to ensure that no one sees her, Justine carries little Angela into the motel room.  Once inside with complete privacy, she ties the child to the bed and puts duck tape over her mouth to avoid escape of any kind.  Meanwhile, back in North Carolina, Renee’ Tucket is having a press conference with the local police department that will be televised on all the news channels to track her missing daughter down.  She has also placed flyers all over town in order to increase the chances of finding Angela.   The community has volunteered their time to help locate the missing girl and have nicknamed the child, “Hope” because of there great desire to give hope to the mom who is heart broken.  Local churches and individual Christians are praying for the safe return of this precious child.  God does hear the prayers of all those who are in Christ Jesus and He loves all people including those who don’t acknowledge Him.  He has great sorrow for the lost and continues to seek those whom He knows lack true love which only He can give.  Renee’ is so heart broken for her daughter that she cannot stop crying.  She is only able to focus on finding her child.  Her strong, maternal instincts take over and she is like a raging bull when it comes to finding Angela.  Nothing will stop her, atleast that’s what she thinks in her mind.  After all, she is very determined to keep going in search for Angela.  God has other plans than what we in our lives have.  Each day is a mystery and only God knows what will take place.  It may be a miracle, tragedy, or just an ordinary day, but we never truly know until our day unfolds.  This is what Renee’ is learning as she goes in her search for her little girl.  For what stops her in her tracks causes turmoil once again for Renee’.  Another day goes by and it’s getting closer to Christmas, emotions are running high for Angela’s mom.  She refuses to spend Christmas without her daughter and is out frantically looking, searching strange places, and digging through trash dumpsters to see if the kidnapper has left her alive by chance, maybe?  A change of heart?

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