The Difference Between A True Christian And A Hypocrite Phony Christian: Take Heart 2 Corinthians 7:10 KJV

We, who are in Christ Jesus strive to never sin, but we are still in the flesh. A Christian who commits a sin is not a hypocrite. What makes someone who claims to be a Christian a hypocrite are those who justify their sins and do not acknowledge in their heart before Jesus that what they’ve thought or done is wrong and against God. A true Christian is convicted by the Holy Spirit regarding their sin and he/she will confess it to our heavenly Father in the name of Jesus to seek forgiveness along with repentance. Also, he/she will seek those they have wronged if possible and make it right. A hypocrite is a liar and phony. They will not acknowledge wrong doing. Even the very thoughts we have, if they are not pure in Jesus, then they’re still sin against God. Whether in thought, words, action, or inaction, if it’s not pure in Jesus, then it is sin. We must listen to the Holy Spirit who convicts us of our sin so we can confess it to our heavenly Father in the name of Jesus for forgiveness and be washed clean and pure. We must also seek forgiveness from those we’ve wronged and make it right. Godly sorrow in our hearts with repentance.