Take heart Proverbs 16:9 KJV

Lesson Learned: I will seek the Lord and His wisdom and understanding as I have done in all of my other tests, exams, and assignments ect. I rushed during my recent exam for my screenwriting course, and thus my grade is an 87%. Even though this is still good, all of my previous grades from tests, exams, and writing assignments have been 100%. My overall grade for my screenwriting course is a 98% so far. The Holy Spirit has guided me to read and take heart this verse. The Lord is reminding me to take my time and to focus on Him, and His wisdom and understanding will flow through. My goal is to master the skill of screenwriting so that I can write Christian screenplays for the glory of God in Christ Jesus, Amen 🙏 #JesusisLord #SeekingGodsWisdom #SeekingGodsUnderstanding #faith #FaithWriting #screenwriting #editing #roughdrafts #writerslife