The Time Is Now: Rev.22:20 He who testifies to these things says,”Yes,I am coming soon.”

The time is now to repent unto the Lord and seek His Kingdom to come as the Lord’s Will shall be done

Don’t waste another moment seeking phony treasures, destruction will be on the earth, moon, and sun

Look all around you and what do you see?  Temporary idols that people adore and work hard to buy

The things people make with their hands while saying, “Spend your money on this, travel, here, there, fly

Go see all the exciting places, buildings, arts, shows, festivals, swimming pools, and fun things we’ve made

Large beautiful homes, electronics, luxury cars, expensive food, fine clothing, any and all things to persuade

The beautiful woman who surrounds herself with a rich man trades sex for money&things; she is a prostitute

The man who lusts after her will become one with the whore, and together they’re goal equals fleshly pursuit

Eyes are wide as they see all the pleasures around as the stomachs grow hungry for the gods whom they love

Speeches of the worldly say, “Me, Myself,&I” for they have only fake love with pleasures they seek more of

Never satisfied, hearts growing cold, hate, greed, and lust full of envy, murder, lies, and tyranny for wicked gain

Futile minds change the laws with falsehood speaking of what is evil is good accusing good as evil, so laws change

Looking at greed and all that it has to offer, do you really want that to have this in your heart, mind&soul?

What I see is unending misery with greed and lust as it is never happy, always fighting for rights as its goal

Rights that are inhumane and self serving which will ultimately hurt themselves and others along their way

Dark thoughts will spread like gangrene, ugly hearts full of evil and they in their ways will be overtaken that Day

Overtaken speaks of those who are evil will be taken and the righteous one who will be left standing to be raised

All will see the Coming of the Son of Man on the clouds of the east, the wicked mourn, the righteous to be saved


2 thoughts on “The Time Is Now: Rev.22:20 He who testifies to these things says,”Yes,I am coming soon.”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, it is so very true. My father’s family had one sister that wanted everything, and nearly lost it all.When dad got older, he made sure we each had what he wanted us to have, so there would be nothing to fight over. It nearly destroyed his family, so much heartache because of greed for the things of this world. I’m so thankful my dad taught me that worldly positions have no place in eternity.

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