“Total Surrender” ‘Here is my heart, God.’ darkness comes to light

The Lord is refining me by showing me that I need to daily surrender my heart to Him. To be in His will, my heart needs to remain contrite and poor in my spirit so I will know His power through my heart to bear witness..Thank you, Lord for causing my heart to mourn over any and all sin that I commit against you because I hurt you. No matter how big or small the sin is categorzied by people, the fact remains that a heart who surrenders to God and admits in his/her lowliness how they fail on their own and faith in God through the mediator Jesus does transform the heart once we truly repent in our heart our ways while believing in His power will receive as it is the will of God.  God has certainly been working on me the past week.  He had to get me to a place of disgust with the darkness deep in my heart that I was unaware of so it can be brought to the light to God and with my heart desiring Him alone and to hate and detest every thing that is sin against God.  Whether it is hate, idolotary, impure thoughts, ect.  All things that are unholy and sinful to God, we His children need to hate the sin and be disgusted with it.  We are also called to love all people including our enemies. 

God did bring me down to the pit of myself, He is faithful to show me and indeed I am being changed because there are no excuses for choosing sin, only that we are guilty of the choice.  Therefore whatever we do that is against God, we need to confess to Him and He is faithful to purify us from all unrighteousness and do this with a heart repentance, not just mere words.  With a true heart repentance and submission to God in the name of Jesus, our sin is blotted out.  Those who live in the dark without God will continue to do so because they refuse to bring it to the light and delight in evil.  The children of God are ashamed of their sin, repent and surrender their heart, and confess the evil they have done, to be purified and to continue in their walk with Jesus.

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