“The Gospel of Christ Jesus”

God spoke through the prophets of old, telling them of the new covenant He would make

Fortelling of Jesus, who would come as His Living Word, a perfect Lamb, His life no one would take

Because He would willingly give it, as it is the will of His Father who sent Him here on this earth

To speak of God’s Word and uphold the law of Moses, through His death and resurrection, for us a new birth

As it says in John 3:16 that Jesus spoke of to tell all who would listen, that if they believe in Him, God’s Son

They would not perish but have eternal life with our Father, grafted in our new family of believers as a body of one

Once He gave up His Spirit, it was complete, buried in the tomb, those who disbelieved thought He was dead

But, God in His infinite power raised Jesus up on the 3rd day, alive in His glory, with many witnesses testifying instead

There were witnesses to Jesus ascending into the clouds to be at the right hand of God, now a Helper he has sent

Which is the Holy Spirit of God, to those who believe in Jesus would receive Him in hearts to see their own sin and repent

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