“Bitter Sweet”

David, Nabal, and Abigail 1Samuel 25:1-42  My thoughts on Abigail

She thought she had found her one true love in life

More than anything, her heart desired to have a loving husband and to be a loving wife

Little did she know she was walking into a trap

For, when she said, “I do,” love from her husband would diminish in a snap

Crushed and full of despair from her marriage, lacking the glue needed to hold it together

Hopeless it was ripping away any life left, soon to be lost forever

Words spoken to her were tearing her down

Rarely, smiling due to continuous sadness that could easily be seen on her face with a frown

Trying so hard to win her husband’s love for her

Mating with him still, desperate to cause from him tender love to stir

Despite these efforts of winning his heart to melt

His meanness continued and tender loving care was far from him felt

As time went on, she desired to move on and away from him

And that’s when she met him, the future king, and her life will no longer be so grim

Perhaps there are other secrets in her marriage that she is too ashamed to tell of

For, God only knows and put a stop to it once she said yes to His unfailing love



2 thoughts on ““Bitter Sweet”

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  2. And she had to accept a lesser role when Bathsheba entered the complex relationships. There is no limit to the dimensions of God’s love. And the things that deepen and strengthen character in marriage. How many are willing to bow daily at the cross, and to walk in faithfulness. To be wise in all ways and to celebrate God’s mercy intimately experienced. Thanks Juli for letting your light shine. My wife and I had “baggage” when we came together 35 years ago. But we learned to drink daily out of the Lord’s cup of grace. And our love grows.

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