“Perfect Beauty”

As she sits on the couch with her face in her hands, she cries uncontrollably for she cannot bare it any longer.  Finally when she gets up she goes to the bathroom, looks into the mirror, and washes her face.  Her eyes are puffy and red, not pretty at all to look at.  She has been too weak to move until today because she has been too ill to get out of bed and temporarily paralyzed.  Alone in her despair this furthers her pain almost to the point of no return.  She is not at all happy with what she sees when she looks into the mirror and is embarassed to be seen.  Her hair is a mess and she needs a shower because she has not had anyone to care for her.  The pain is too much and she almost collapses again.  Now more than ever she feels as if she is a lost cause and unloved.  After all, who would love her?  But then, something amazing just happens and she is able to move more and her pain is almost gone.  She was never alone because the Lord was always with her and He has healed her from her pain and despair.  The Holy Spirit has calmed her and reminded her that she is a perfect beauty in the eyes of the Lord.  When she finally humbled herself and returned to God she became the perfect beauty in Christ Jesus.

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