“Cast The First Stone” Glory to God, page 1, written by: Julia Garrison

Angela Tucket was kidnapped at the tender age of 9 years old at a crowded mall during the Christmas season.  It was a very busy time of year, in fact, it was the perfect opportunity for a kidnapper to steal a child.  Most people were watching for thieves to steal money, clothes, jewlery, and other items of value.  So, it was very easy for 29 year old Justine Oats to do the unthinkable.  Angela was with her mom at the mall on December 22, 1980 when she was lured by toys to go directly into the arms of her kidnapper.  It only took a moment from looking away from her daughter to notice her missing. Frantic and full of fear, Angela’s mom, Renee’ Tucket searched and screamed her daughter’s name.  Soon everyone was in a panic as they searched for the little girl.  Sadly, she was already gone and without notice due to such a cunning way to steal her.  Little Angela has never run off before so the only other possible reason for her to be missing is that she was kidnapped and since there wasn’t a struggle or scene displayed for it to be noticed, then it was obvious that the person who took the child lured her.  Outrage of this kidnapping spread quickly throughout the state of North Carolina.

4 thoughts on ““Cast The First Stone” Glory to God, page 1, written by: Julia Garrison

  1. Hi Julia, Bless you. Read the first page on, “Cast the First Stone.” My, My. You left me in a state of expectancy with this dramatic opening. Appears to be a very suspenful story. Can’t hardly wait to read the rest of your posts. Really enjoyed this page. Blessings.

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